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A NEW Protection Plan is in the process of being created that would further protect your investment from both Hardware Malfunction AND Viruses. More information can be seen at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in this Protection Plan: Put your contact information in the required fields below and we will call you with more information about signing up.
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Protection Plan is PER PC and would include: A yearly subscription to #1 Internet Security protection, FREE Virus/Parasite Removal if infected, FREE Telephone Support, FREE annual checkup, and Hardware Replacement of Computer Case (lights and buttons if repairable or case will be replaced), Motherboard & Processor, Optical Drive, Hard Drive, Wires, Power Supply, Video Card, Sound Card, Annual Checkup and more..

Covers all costs of a repair and replacement of parts, even covers labor! (Does not cover negligence) Upgrade Labor is included, Upgrade Parts not included.

More information on the Protection Plan can be seen by Clicking "PC Protection" on the left column. Modificatins to the Protection Plan from information coming from any Surveys may be made at any time without any notice.